CSIRO Clayton

The Mechanical Services carried out by Triple A Air conditioning Pty Ltd, comprised the installation of DX reverse cycle AC units for CSIRO Building 004n located at Bayview Avenue Clayton.

The Mechanical Services Installation includes the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the following:

  • The provision of air-cooled, reverse cycle systems serving the chemical laboratories and concrete creep & shrinkage room, complete with refrigeration pipework and outdoor unit.
  • The provision of wall mounted split system serving the communications room.
  • The provision of three rotary cowls.
  • The provision of Nederman Extraction Arms
  • Recommissioning of the relocated dust extraction unit from the old to the new Mill room location. New wall mounted spiro ductwork with blank spigots including slide dampers for connection to flexible ductwork to workshop equipment.
  • Carbon dioxide gas sensor and local alarms/signage associated the high risk laboratories
  • Specialist exhaust systems
  • Recommissioning of the relocated combined AC/Dust Extraction split system (Highett EQ.32.054) including new control/power cabling, and new supply & return/exhaust air ductwork, diffusers, extraction arms including zone control serving the Mixing room and Concrete lab.
  • Electrical associated with the mechanical systems including a dedicated Mechanical Services Switchboard (MSSB-B004N-1) and all controls, equipment and sub-circuit cabling.
  • Balancing, testing and commissioning of all systems serving the floor, including the provision of certified test result.
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